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Head-On Collision Dangers on Hwy 34 in Ventura County

There are many accident risks that focused and safe drivers can avoid. Drivers can monitor their lanes and the traffic in front of them and beside them and often steer clear of another motorist’s mistake. That’s hard to do in a dangerous situation involving oncoming traffic. A careless driver can veer across yellow lines and wind up in the path

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How to Get an Accident Report from Camarillo Police

An accident on a busy road in and around Camarillo can leave you in need of help paying for your car damage and perhaps even some medical bills after an injury. To file an accident claim with an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider, you may need a Camarillo police collision report in hand. This report can help demonstrate that you

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California vehicle code 22350

Highway 101 Multi-Car Accident Dangers in Ventura CA

Highway 101 can become a speedway through Ventura County and one small mistake by a careless driver can cause a frightening chain reaction. One impact can lead to others as drivers approaching an accident scene can’t brake in time to avoid further collisions. Victims inside cars, SUVs, trucks, and on motorcycles can suffer broken bones, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and other

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Accidents Involving Head-On Collisions on 5th Street In Oxnard CA

Tight, two-lane roads in and out of Oxnard can carry fast-moving vehicles. A careless driver veering too far left by just a foot or two can create a dangerous situation that could lead to a head-on collision. Frontal impacts create the potential for much more serious harm to those inside vehicles because they factor in the speeds of both cars.

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