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Uber Car Accident as a Passenger – Can I Sue?

Ridesharing has become an integral element of everyday life for many of us. The convenience the service offers is hard to shy away from, but as always, there is risk involved, and the odds of your involvement in an Uber car accident are not zero. Of course, being in an accident when you’re driving your own car is different from

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Uber Statistics: Financial and Usage Information

The rideshare industry has forever changed the way people travel as indicated by the remarkable Uber statistics. Gaudy numbers and eye-popping valuations are closely associated with this company. Regardless of whether you are a passenger, a driver, or a fellow motorist, it is in your best interest to understand more about Uber and what the numbers say about it. Uber’s

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Lyft Statistics: Financial and Usage Information

One reason that you might find Lyft statistics interesting is that you use or work for the rideshare company. But everyone who lives in a city where Lyft operates should know more about how the company works. Even if you aren’t a Lyft passenger or driver, you still share the roadways with the rideshare vehicles. How Lyft Got Started In

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What You Need to Know About Lyft Insurance Policies

It’s common for drivers to take comfort in knowing they have auto insurance without really understanding the details of their policy. But overlooking the details of how Lyft insurance works is a big mistake if you’re a Lyft driver. Below is a list of basics that you need to read and understand before you ever pick up your first Lyft

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Have You Been in an Accident as a Lyft Passenger?

Every time you ride as a Lyft passenger, you’re at risk of getting hurt in an accident. There are a lot of similarities between a Lyft accident and any other one where you’re a passenger. The at-fault party is responsible for paying for your injuries. The question is whether the responsible party is the driver or the rideshare company. How

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Uber Insurance Policy for Drivers

Working as an Uber driver is a convenient way for some people to earn extra money during their spare time. But failing to invest in an Uber insurance policy could end up costing them a lot more than they earn. Just as the concept of ridesharing is growing, so are the number of Uber personal injury lawsuits. Drivers might not

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