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Dog bites on Halloween Trick or Treaters in Thousand Oaks

Ventura County is a great place to celebrate Halloween. Children can get out in great communities and go door-to-door filling their trick-or-treat bags. But all that roaming around on Halloween night exposes children to additional dangers they may not usually find themselves at risk of. Behind any gate or any stranger’s door, there may be a frightened dog that could

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Everything You Need to Know About California Dog Bite Laws

Dogs are much beloved companions, but in rare cases, their aggressive side may injure someone. California dog bite laws provide some protection when those unfortunate incidents do occur. If you were the unfortunate victim of a dog bite, know that there’s a good chance you’re entitled to receive compensation. Given how traumatic suffering that injury can be, that compensation will

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A Dog Bite Attorney Explains What to Do After Being Bit

A dog bite lawyer knows the impact a dog bite can have on your life. Even a bite that results in a minor physical wound can have a lasting emotional impact. Those that are more serious are even more difficult to overcome. While the treatment and trauma could last for weeks, months, or even a lifetime, you need to know

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