California’s New Bicycle Lane Change Law

Cyclists come from all over the U.S. to ride the beautiful routes in Southern California and along the coast through Ventura County. The crazy levels of SoCal traffic provide the only drawback for riders. Thankfully, a new traffic law helps give some breathing room to cyclists who must share the lanes with cars, SUVs, and Trucks. The traffic code forces

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Accidents Involving Rain on Highway 126 in Fillmore CA

Traffic between Santa Clarita, Fillmore, and Santa Paula on Highway 126 can build throughout the day. High speeds and treacherous conditions along this busy route often combine to cause careless drivers to lose control of their vehicles and send other motorists into crashes. Drivers can neglect to slow down when roads get wet and end up colliding with the vehicles

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Accidents Involving Big Rigs on Hwy 126 in Los Angeles County

Travel on rural Los Angeles and Ventura County highways at night can be hazardous, especially when other motorists make unpredictable moves. A driver can glance at a cell phone and veer into an occupied lane. Motorists can misjudge headlights as they make a turn and end up leaving oncoming traffic without time to stop to avoid a crash. These frightening

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Big Rig Accident Dangers on Madera Rd in Simi Valley CA

Ventura County residents are used to seeing farm trucks, construction trucks, and big rig haulers from local manufacturers on every road. These hardworking truck drivers keep our area growing and thriving, but their large vehicles can turn into dangerous hazards on any street. Big rigs need more room to slow down and more room to maneuver. A small mistake by

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California’s New Jaywalking Law

A new law in 2023 promises to leave pedestrians more time to pay attention to traffic and less time worrying about if they’ll get a ticket. A new jaywalking law makes it much less likely for those on foot to be cited for jaywalking. This is good news for people who walk and run through Ventura County and Southern California

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Car Accident Dangers on Moorpark Rd in Moorpark CA

Steep, curvy roads around Moorpark can catch inattentive drivers by surprise and cause them to make dangerous mistakes. Even a small mistake can cause major harm to other drivers and passengers who may be in the lane next to a driver or in the opposite lane of traffic. Car accident victims can be sent into other vehicles or off the

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Accidents During Downpours in Ventura County

Ventura County is known statewide for its beautiful vistas and excellent weather, making road trips or daily commutes a bit more pleasing. Even though Ventura County’s arid climate is fairly stable, there is always the possibility of rain, especially in the winter months. When sudden downpours strike, it can make driving on Ventura County roads a much more difficult prospect.

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