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How Lane Weaving Can Lead to Trouble for California Motorists

Keeping yourself and others safe should always be the priority for all motorists. Laws such as CVC 21658a that discourage the practice of lane weaving are on the books because of how they help promote road safety. Against their better judgment, though, some drivers may ignore the law and the risks involved by engaging in careless lane weaving anyway. Engaging

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Is It Illegal to Eat While Driving in California?

Whenever you’re driving, the focus should always be on staying safe. You cannot allow anything to divert your attention from the road, which is why eating while driving is considered a big no-no. Driving while trying to eat is a bad idea, but is it a violation of the law? That’s one of the questions we’ll be answering in this

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New Motorcycle Rider Tips from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Have you ever thought about becoming a new motorcycle rider? There are some great benefits you can realize from doing so. For starters, you can spend less time on the road because you don’t get bogged down in traffic as often as you would inside a car. New motorcycles are also often cheaper than new cars. You should save up

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Food Delivery Services and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Numerous industries have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and among the businesses that have undergone dramatic changes are food delivery services. With people wary of others handling their food and going to their homes, it’s no surprise to see so many households turn back to cooking. While there’s nothing wrong with cooking your own healthy meals during this

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The Store’s Liability if You Slip and Fall

Customers don’t expect to be in any danger whenever they enter a business establishment, but accidents can still happen. Slip and fall accidents are among the dangers that customers need to guard against. Of course, it’s not only customers that need to guard against potential slipping accidents. The customer can hold the business owners liable for them slipping and sustaining

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5 Reasons an Attorney Would Decline Your Case

Pursuing legal action is something many people go through, with the hopes of obtaining some form of justice or fair compensation. You may be thinking about contacting an attorney yourself if you were recently involved in a car accident or some other form of incident that you did not cause. In most cases, your trip to the lawyer’s office will

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Defensive Driving Tips from an Experienced Injury Attorney

Driving can be a truly enjoyable experience as it provides many people with the opportunity to not only see new places, but also have fun during the journey to them. The road is not always a safe place, however, which is why you must follow defensive driving practices. Find out more about the importance of defensive driving as well as

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Vehicular Manslaughter Sentences, Penalties & Laws in California

Car accidents are unfortunate, but real elements of life on the road. Throughout the time you spend driving, you’re bound to be involved in a few, but the hope is that no incident ever becomes something as serious as a case of vehicular manslaughter. Car accidents can vary in terms of how much damage they cause. Some may lead to

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