Who is Responsible for Accidents in California’s February 2024 Storm?

weather impactEarly February 2024, a storm system moved into California. In the Thousand Oaks,

Ventura County and Los Angeles area, high winds and heavy rains will make driving extremely difficult and dangerous.

Drivers have been urged to stay off the road. Road hazards could include falling trees, flooding, mudslides and negligent drivers.

Who is responsible for a crash during a storm?

In general, drivers have a “duty of care” to others on the road and are responsible for safely operating their vehicle, regardless of the weather.

California DMV’s Driver’s Handbook tells us “Make sure you can stop within the space you can see ahead.”

In California, Big Rig, bus and other commercial vehicle drivers are held to a heightened duty of care.  49 C.F.R. § 392.14 states “Extreme caution in the operation of a commercial motor vehicle shall be exercised when hazardous conditions” when fog affects visibility.

Contact an Accident Lawyer after a Crash:

After any crash resulting in a serious injury, always contact an experienced personal injury attorney who focuses on personal injury law. They offer free consultations and can explain all of your legal options to you. If you contact us after an injury, we will evaluate your case and let you know if we think we can improve the outcome of your settlement.

For driving tips during storms, please see the California Highway Patrol’s graphic on driving during rain, wind & snow here.