How to Get an Accident Report from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department

Ventura County sees a lot of local traffic as residents head to work or drive their kids to school. Our highways and streets also carry a lot of tourists and other visitors each day.

The constant stream of traffic on Highways 101 and 118 can lead to accidents. After a careless driver forces you into a collision, it’ll be critical to prove that you weren’t to blame so you can get car insurance support for vehicle repairs and injury recovery costs.

A Ventura County Sheriff’s Department accident report is one form of proof you can use to hold another driver’s auto insurance provider fully responsible.

Submitting a Request for a Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept Accident Report

When there are crashes in more rural areas of Ventura County, a Sheriff’s Deputy may be first on the scene. There are also cities and communities where the Sheriff’s Department is the primary law enforcement. If deputies are the lead investigators, they’ll be preparing a collision report after examining the evidence on the scene and talking with those involved and witnesses.

If you need to secure this report, it’s best to wait for up to a week before contacting the Sheriff’s Department. This should give the deputy the time to complete the document and submit it.

It’s best to call ahead to get information on anything else that may be required and to find out if the report is ready for release. If you have any questions about what information you’ll need to provide or on fees, call the Sheriff’s Department at 805-654-2380.

When your report is ready, you’ll have three ways to request a copy of your collision report:


By Mail:

Send your request and the proper fees and return postage to…

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

800 S. Victory Avenue L#3310

Ventura, CA 93009

Attn: Records


By Email:

Email your request to


In Person:

You can visit the Sheriff’s Department Records and Licensing Office at 800 South Victoria Avenue in Ventura. You can also visit the office at the Thousand Oaks Sheriff’s Department Branch at 2101 East Olsen Road.


Do I need a lawyer after my accident in Ventura County?

When accidents involve a serious injury, like a broken bone, it is important to talk with a legal professional before speaking to any insurance representative. Accidents involving only bumps and bruises or property damage-only collisions usually don’t require the guidance of a personal injury lawyer. Serious injuries can be another story, because an experienced attorney may be able to significantly improve the outcome of your case.

You may also need the help of a skilled car accident attorney if you are being unfairly blamed for an accident. Your lawyer will fully investigate your case and back it up with strong evidence, this will be a safeguard if an insurance adjuster tries to point the finger at you simply to save the insurance company money.

Contact a Ventura County Car Accident Lawyer Today

After being injured in a car accident that was caused by the carelessness and negligence of somebody else anywhere in Ventura County or Southern California, don’t talk with that opposing insurance company. You’re likely to harm your case.

Contact the Ventura County car accident lawyers at Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC for a confidential free consultation and case analysis. You can tell us what happened and how it happened, and your questions will be answered honestly. After that, we’ll advise you on all of your legal alternatives. If you retain us to represent you in your car accident case, our goal will be to obtain the maximum available compensation that you’re entitled to.