How to Get an Accident Report from Camarillo Police

An accident on a busy road in and around Camarillo can leave you in need of help paying for your car damage and perhaps even some medical bills after an injury. To file an accident claim with an at-fault driver’s car insurance provider, you may need a Camarillo police collision report in hand. This report can help demonstrate that you weren’t to blame and that you should be receiving compensation.

Securing a Camarillo CA Collision Report After a Traffic Accident

If a Camarillo police officer responds to your accident, you will actually be contacting the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office to secure your accident report. That’s because Camarillo contracts out police services to Ventura County.

When you request your collision report, it’ll help if you have some basic information about your crash. The officer may give you an accident report number that you should keep handy. The date and location of your accident will also help.

You should wait several days after an accident to make your request to make sure an investigating officer has time to complete an accident report and submit it. There will likely be a small fee for your report and you may need to submit return postage on some requests. Check with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Public Records Office about what you should include. (phone number below)

Submitting a Request for a Camarillo Police Department Accident Report

When your report is ready, you’ll have three ways to request a copy of your collision report:


By Mail:

Send your request and the proper fees and return postage to…

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

800 S. Victory Avenue L#3310

Ventura, CA 93009

Attn: Records


By Email:

Email your request to


In Person:

You can visit the Sheriff’s Department Records and Licensing Office at 800 South Victoria Avenue in Ventura. You can also visit the office at the Thousand Oaks Sheriff’s Department Branch at 2101 East Olsen Road.

If you have any questions about what you’ll need to bring with you or on fees, call the Sheriff’s Department at 805-654-2380.

What to Do After a Camarillo Car Accident

After a crash, you’ll want to make sure you have an accident report and other evidence to build a strong case in your defense. This helps prevent an at-fault driver’s car insurance representative from trying to blame you for an accident you didn’t cause.

Having a Camarillo car accident lawyer on your side can help in protecting you from unfair treatment from insurance adjusters. Your lawyer will also be securing your collision report for you to provide additional proof of what really happened.

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