Pedestrian Killed by Car Backing Out of Parking Lot in Ventura

Pedestrians in Ventura sometimes face a frightening journey when having to confront careless and distracted drivers. Under California law, motorists owe pedestrians a special “duty of care” no matter where and when drivers and those on foot may meet. Motorists should take any amount of time necessary to properly check their surroundings and identify the presence of a pedestrian. Once

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Fiery Big Rig Crash in Moorpark Ends Tragically

On November 15, 2021, a fiery collision occurred in Moorpark involving a Toyota sedan and a Peterbuilt Big Rig. There were thee people in Toyota. Tragically, two of the occupants sustained fatal injuries. A third occupant and the driver of the tractor trailer are both injured and in the hospital. CHP Moorpark is on scene at a major crash with

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Who is at Fault for Car Accidents in the Rain in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles residents don’t have to carry umbrellas for too many days out of the year. When it does finally rain in L.A., many residents believe it’s a bad time to be on the road. For whatever reason, there seems to be a surge in car accidents in Southern California anytime road surfaces get wet. Some people believe that crashes

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Accidents Involving Autonomous Vehicles in California

We are specifically seeking to represent clients injured by vehicles which were driving themselves. We believe some of these vehicles may pose a hazard to innocent drivers on the road. We are located in Ventura County, and represent clients all over the State of California. As per the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 36,096 people lost their lives in traffic

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Accidents Involving Telsa Cars on Autopilot in California

We are seeking to represent people who were injured by a Tesla on autopilot. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident the Tesla, the driver, or both may have been to blame, please contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation. The advent of fully autonomous vehicles that operate themselves is rapidly approaching, and

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