How to Get an Accident Report in Ventura

Ventura drivers might meet up with a careless driver in a major accident on Thompson Boulevard or Highway 101. As an injured victim, you will need proof that you weren’t at fault in order to get compensation for medical bills from the other driver’s car insurance provider. Having a collision report in hand helps you prove your side of what happened and assists you in securing recovery support.

A Ventura accident report offers some proof of what happened and identifies who the investigator believes was at fault. This report can make a difference in determining who has to cover hospital bills for injured victims and whose insurance will be called upon for compensation.

Contact a Ventura Car Accident Lawyer for a Free Accident Consultation

After a crash, you’ll want to make sure you have an accident report and other evidence to build a strong case in your defense. This helps prevent an at-fault driver’s car insurance company from trying to blame you for an accident you didn’t cause.

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How to Secure an Accident Report from the Ventura Police Department

There are two ways to obtain a crash report from the Ventura County Police Department. You can request your report online on the BuyCrash website. You’ll need your accident report number or the date or location of the incident. There will be a charge to download your report.

To secure a traffic accident report from the Ventura Police Department through the mail, you’ll first need to print out this request form and fill it out. When you send in your request, include a copy of your driver’s license, identification card, passport, or Matricula Consular card.

You must include a $20 check or money order with your request. You’ll also need to provide an address to send the report to.

Send your completed form to:

Records Requests

1425 Dowell Drive, Ventura

CA 93003-7361

For more information, you can call the police records office at 805-339-4417.

Keep in mind that if you have a Ventura personal injury attorney working on your case, your attorney will be securing the accident report for you. It’s also possible that your car insurance company will be seeking the report and you may be able to obtain it through your insurance agent.

California Highway Patrol Ventura Collision Reports

The California Highway Patrol may have responded to your accident. If this is the case, you would need to fill out a request form.

You can bring your completed form to the nearest California Highway Patrol office to your collision scene.  You may also mail it in.

Ventura has a CHP Branch in the city:


(765) Ventura

4656 Valentine Road

Ventura, CA 93003-5740

(805) 662-2640