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simi-valley-dog-bite-lawyerMany people in Simi Valley rely on their pets for companionship and entertainment. They like to walk their dogs and keep them on a tight leash around others.

Unfortunately, not all dog owners take such care to prevent confrontations that can lead to bites. If you’ve been bitten by a dog, seek medical attention immediately.

Fortunately, California financially protects dog bite victims in these incidents. They are empowered to hold dog owners accountable for their negligence and ask for financial support as they heal.

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Determining who is responsible after a dog attack isn’t always easy for bite victims. However, California law takes the side of anyone with a bite wound. They hold the dog owner fully responsible in most cases.

You might know who is responsible for your medical bills and your other damages. However, you may not know how much your injury should earn you in compensation. Contact Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC, for a free consultation.

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California Dog Bite Liability in Simi Valley

California law protects dog bite victims by holding pet owners liable for attacks. This applies to the very first time a dog acts aggressively.

In some states, an owner of a dog that doesn’t have a history of biting or violence won’t be held accountable after a first bite incident.

However, California is a “strict liability” dog bite state. It means that dog owners are fully liable from the dog’s first incident onward. Owners are on the hook for the medical bills the victim receives. In addition, they must cover several other hardships the victim suffers.

Strict liability applies to a victim’s case as long as the following factors were true:

  • The attack happened in a public place. The attack could have also happened on private property if the victim was legally allowed to be there.
  • The victim must not have provoked the dog into the attack.
  • If the victim was attacking the dog’s owner at the time of the bite “strict liability” may not apply.
  • A bite must have occurred.

In some cases, even a bite that doesn’t break the skin is still enough to hold a dog owner liable for the harm done.

In cases where a dog attack doesn’t involve a dog bite, you can hold a dog owner accountable. However, there would likely be a higher standard of proof to show that the dog owner’s actions and the dog’s actions caused the victim’s injury. Start your lawyer-client relationship today. Your law firm can seek more evidence if you need it, gain compensation for your pain and suffering.

Dog Bites and Young Victims

Children have the highest risk for dog bites. They often only want to play with a dog and can forget that dogs might become scared by someone running up to them.

Expect even more financial support from an insurance company after a child is hurt. Minors, especially young children, still have developing bodies and injuries can continue to harm their maturation in the years down the road.

Health care may be needed far past their 18th birthday and this must be considered whenever insurance settlements are negotiated. Once an insurance settlement is signed, the child won’t be able to ask for additional compensation for medical care when they get older.

Dog Bite Liability at Simi Valley Dog Parks

Southern California pet owners may have wondered what happens if they are at a dog park like Big Sky Park or at an apartment complex dog park when a bite occurs.

Dog owners are usually responsible for the behavior of their dogs, even when pets are in a fenced-in dog play area.

The city and a rental management company usually would not face liability for what happens in a dog park. These parks are usually “use as your own risk” type properties.

However, your Simi Valley Dog Bite injury lawyer could be able to prove gross negligence on the part of these entities and help you file a lawsuit. Gross negligence means that a governing body or business shows negligence to create a hazard that was above and beyond normal carelessness. Any compensation earned for your recovery could be in addition to any money secured from a dog owner.

Compensation for the Victims of Dog Bites

A dog bite can change a person’s life and lifestyle forever. These bites can reduce the function you have in your extremities and make returning to do family activities and your job impossible.

A Simi Valley Dog Bite Attorney would work to earn fair support through a homeowner’s insurance settlement or a judgment in court for you and your family. Any award would include compensation for every hospital bill you have on your desk now and any care expected in the future. Any paychecks that you lose out on while missing shifts at work are also eligible.

This may include the loss of your ability to work at all if your bite leads to a permanent disability, such as loss of mobility or the loss of full function in your hands. That care could be necessary for the rest of your life. The dog owner’s insurance provider could also have to provide you with career training for a new job your injury will allow you to perform.

Emotional trauma is also a factor in determining the support you receive. The depression and anxiety you experience as you face the loss of participation in certain hobbies and other things you enjoy.

Every bit of compensation is important because not even doctors will be sure about how dog bite injury will affect your life in the years to come. Additional surgeries may be necessary and even a premature death could be the result. This could leave your family without the financial resources they need once the support your income diminishes.

Dog Bite Injury Cases Statute of Limitations

California extends the statute of limitations on dog bite injury cases to two years. Waiting beyond this time will usually mean you’ve lost the chance to hold the dog owner responsible.

You may want to speak with a dog bite accident lawyer about your personal injury claim much sooner. Your attorney will need to begin an investigation into what happened to you immediately. The sooner that investigation gets underway the easier it will be to secure evidence. For example, police reports, witnesses, and medical documents pertaining to your injury.

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