Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in San Diego

The brain can be injured in a range of different ways and in some instances, the effects may not be apparent in the initial hours and days following the incident. Since these injuries can have a significant impact upon brain function, they can have an adverse effect on the individual’s ability to lead a full and productive life. If another person caused the injury, you may need to contact a San Diego traumatic brain injury attorney for assistance with the litigation.

How brain injuries affect the life of the victim

Brain injuries can vary in many different ways and this includes the extent of the injury and the exact way in which the injury will affect the life of the individual. While many brain injuries do result in death, here we are going to focus on the how these injuries affect those who survive and have to cope with life as a brain injury sufferer.

  • Cognitive: A brain injury can affect the way a person learns and remembers. Depending on the location and the severity of the injury, a person may find that they have trouble with memory, that they are not as quick to find answers and solutions to problems, it may affect language and it could limit the ability to concentrate.
  • Emotional/behavioral: Following a brain injury, a person may find that they are more prone to emotional outbursts, that they are quick to anger or that they suffer from depression. The effects on the emotion and behavior can be some of the most subtle changes that a person will experience and they often go unidentified as a result.
  • Physical and motor skills: Severe brain injuries can have an effect on the motor skills and the physical abilities of the individual. The impaired physical ability can impact the person’s coordination, their strength and it can result in physically inhibiting symptoms like tremors or seizures.

Traumatic brain injury lawyer

As you can see, a brain injury can seriously diminish the quality of a person’s life. The costs, both financial and emotional, can be devastating. If you have suffered a brain injury, it might help to discuss your options with qualified personal injury lawyers. The team at the Quirk Law Group understands your concerns and our San Diego traumatic brain injury attorneys are ready to meet with you.