San Diego Elder Abuse Attorney

Elder abuse is a serious problem for our society. Each year, thousands of senior citizens are the victims of abuse that can lead to consequences that include injury, impaired health, financial hardship and even death. When elder abuse occurs, it is important to report the offense and take steps to get justice for the abused individual. With the professional help of a San Diego elder abuse attorney, you can ensure that your rights are protected and that you will get the justice that you deserve.

What is elder abuse?

Elder abuse can occur in a range of different settings and the term can encompass many different types of offenses. It can be physical violence and abuse, neglect or abandonment, psychological abuse or financial exploitation. If you are being abused or suspect that someone else is being abused, it is important that you take steps to put a stop to the abuse and to prevent further abuse from occurring.

If it is believed that the individual is in immediate danger, then you should report the abuse to the police. In other circumstances, you can report it to the California Department of Justice or to Adult Protective Services. The assistance of a personal injury lawyer could be helpful in determining the appropriate course of action. A qualified attorney will understand the laws that may apply to the given situation and they will also be aware of the different programs and resources that the state provides to assist the victims of elder abuse.

Reporting elder abuse

In many cases, the person that is being abused or neglected will be either unwilling or unable to report the abuse. In a situation where the person cannot or will not report the abuse, the responsibility to act rests with those who are around them and aware of the problem. If you suspect abuse, try to look for signs that may confirm your suspicions. If you know that abuse is going on, then you need to report it right away. As mentioned above, there are many different reporting options for those who suspect abuse.

Get help from a San Diego personal injury lawyer

The assistance of a personal injury lawyer can be vital for those who are seeking justice after an incident of elder abuse. The San Diego elder abuse attorneys from the Quirk Law Group can help the victims of abuse as they try to navigate the legal system and we will do everything we can to ensure that our clients are protected from further abuse and that they get a fair resolution to their claim.