Bone Fracture Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

A person can suffer a broken bone in so many different ways. There can also be a range of different bone fractures and they all affect different people in different ways. With many of the circumstances that lead to broken bones, somebody is liable for the damage. If you believe that you may have a claim for compensation, then you should speak with a Los Angeles bone fracture injury attorney.

How broken bones occur

A healthy human bone is a very strong and resilient structure, but that does not mean that there are not a lot of different ways in which bones can be broken. It takes a significant amount of force or pressure to cause a fracture, but circumstances where this pressure or force exists are rather common in the everyday life of a human. Common incidents that can lead to a broken bone include:

  • Slips and Falls: All it takes is a fall where the individual lands awkwardly for a bone to be pushed past the breaking point and this can be especially true in circumstances where the person falls from a height.
  • Automobile accidents: This can be any type of auto accident, whether you are in a car or truck, riding a motorcycle or a pedestrian, the forces that come into play in an auto accident can easily exceed the breaking point of a bone.
  • A direct blow: A direct blow can cause a fracture in a variety of different circumstances. It could be an assault, it could be an object that falls on the individual or it could be an industrial or workplace accident.
  • Repetitive stress: This is where a repetitive force continually acts upon a bone, causing a stress fracture. This is a common injury among runners and people that continually apply the same repetitive motion in the workplace.
  • Sports injury: Athletic activities can result in broken bones in a range of different ways. When you engage in certain types of sports, you can be at risk for broken bones resulting from falls, repetitive stress and those caused by a direct blow.

Why you may need a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer

Even a minor bone fracture will require at least some level of medical attention. However, with the most serious of fractures, the injury could take months to rehabilitate and the injured person may never be able to regain full use in the fractured area. All of this adds up to considerable losses for the injured person and these losses can result in significant financial hardship for the individual and their family. If another person is liable for your injury, the assistance of a personal injury lawyer will provide the best chance for getting the compensation that you will need.

The Quirk Law Group has represented clients in a variety of different broken bone injury claims. With our Los Angeles bone fracture injury attorneys, you get effective legal representation for everything from slip and fall cases to claims that are the result of traffic accidents. Schedule a meeting with our team right away, we can take your claim and make it a top priority.