Aviation Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

Aviation accidents are some of the most devastating events that can befall a traveler. If you are fortunate enough to survive the accident, there is a good chance that you will be seriously injured and you may suffer permanent disability as a result. With the assistance of a personal injury lawyer from the Quirk Law Group, you can recover compensation for losses in an aviation accident.

Who is responsible?

In a claim for an aviation injury, there could potentially be more than one defendant. Parties that commonly hold liability in aviation accidents include the owner or operator of the airline, the aircraft manufacturer, maintenance providers and companies that manufacture or supply parts.

For a Las Vegas aviation injury attorney, finding the liable party is one of the most important parts of building the case. Much of this determination is made in the investigation into the cause itself. For instance, if errors on the part of the pilot led to the accident, then the airline would hold liability for any losses that were suffered as a result. If the accident was caused by a combination of mechanical issues and pilot error, then you may have a claim against a maintenance or parts supplier and the airline.

Hire an aviation injury lawyer

Having the right attorney can make a big difference with lawsuits that involve the aviation industry. Aviation accidents can be much more complex than some of the more common claims and you need an attorney that has a certain level of familiarity with the industry and how to investigate an event like an airplane or helicopter crash.

The Quirk Law Group provides representation for those who have been affected by aviation accidents. We have the skills and the knowledge to get results for people that have been injured in aviation accidents and for the families of those who have lost their lives. Contact us today for a consultation with a Las Vegas aviation injury attorney.