Truck Accident Attorney in Inglewood

Trucking accidents are some of the most dangerous events that can happen on the roadway. For the victims of these crashes, the consequences are usually severe injury and possibly death. If you believe that liability rests with the truck driver or the trucking company, then you need to contact an Inglewood truck accident attorney right away.

The danger of tractor-trailer accidents

Any motor vehicle accident can be a danger to those involved, but accidents with vehicles like commercial trucks have additional elements of risk. The first and most obvious additional danger of a truck is the size. With all of that mass moving at considerable speeds, a large truck strikes with a significant amount of force when it collides with any object.

Additionally, commercial trucks require training and experience to properly handle. When a driver lacks the necessary training or experience, it can make for an accident that is just waiting to happen. With commercial trucking, there are licensing requirements to ensure that all drivers possess the necessary skills, but there are times when individuals that are less than qualified end up behind the wheel of one of these vehicles.

Most truck drivers are properly licensed and trained, but that does not always mean that they will operate the vehicle in a safe manner. Even the most skilled operators make mistakes from time to time and many of them engage in behaviors that could expose them and other motorists to risk. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to allow other tasks to distract them from the road and they often spend a considerable amount of hours behind the wheel, which can make for a situation where they are operating the vehicle while experiencing fatigue.

How can a truck accident lawyer help?

When a person is injured in a truck accident, they need an attorney with the right skills for the job. A personal injury lawyer that specializes in truck accident lawsuits will have better insight into how these claims should be handled and experience with investigating the relevant facts in relation to the incident.

With a trucking accident, you have to investigate the relationships between the many parties that may be involved. You may have a trucker that was an independent operator or an employee of a larger trucking firm. You may need to investigate the freight and the people that own, warehoused or loaded it. If there was a mechanical failure, the attorney may need to hire an expert to determine how the mechanical failure occurred.

Beyond that, you also need to have an attorney that is familiar with the laws and regulations of the trucking industry. The defendants and their representatives will be well versed in the relevant laws and prepared to defend against the claim. An attorney that lacks experience could find this type of litigation a little overwhelming and it could cost the claimant when it comes time for compensation.

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