Inglewood Public Transportation Accident Attorney

Public transportation is one of the most popular ways to get around. The convenience and affordability provided by many of the carriers in the Los Angeles area make it great for traveling to work, using it to keep appointments and for trips of leisure. With so many people using public transportation and the system expanding, there is bound to be an increase in accidents that result in injury. If you have suffered as the result of one of these incidents, an Inglewood public transportation injury attorney will be able to assist you with your claim.

Types of public transportation accidents

Due to the many different forms of public transportation that are available, there can be a wide range of different types of incidents that may result in injury. Public transportation can include methods of travel such as a city bus, a school bus, trains, taxis, planes, ferries, a hotel or airport shuttle and much more. Beyond that, you also have many different types of incidents that can occur on each of these different methods of transportation.

The first thing that most people think of in regard to public transportation accidents is an incident where the vehicle collides or makes contact with another object. However, there are also events that happen to passengers in transit, like a fall or being struck with an object in the vehicle and you also have the possibility of injury at areas for boarding and ticketing.

The method of transport and the type of incident that occurred will have a significant impact as to how a personal injury lawyer handles the claim. An injury claim for a bus accident will be different from one that occurs in a train accident and a skilled public transportation accident lawyer, will understand how these differences should alter their approach to the case.

The type of carrier

With cases for public transportation injuries, the type of carrier may make a difference. Many public transportation providers are government entities and different rules apply when you have a claim against a state, county or municipal agency. One of the most notable differences in these claims is the statute of limitations. With claims that are against a government agency, there is a limitation of six months from the date of injury. With a claim that is against a private carrier, the plaintiff has up to two years to file a claim.

Hire a public transportation accident lawyer in Inglewood

Public transportation injury lawsuits can come with a lot of issues and it usually takes legal representation that has previous experience with these issues for the claim to be handled right. A lawyer that does not have a thorough understanding of public transportation litigation and how claims can change based on a variety of different factors will be unlikely to provide adequate representation for these clients.

If you hire the Quirk Law Group for your public transportation accident claim, you will be getting a team that has experience and the ability to achieve good results. Contact us today for a consultation with an Inglewood public transportation injury attorney.