Downey Public Transportation Accident Attorney

The different forms of public transportation that are available in and around the city play an important role in our society. They help millions of people to travel to and from their work place, they help people get to events and personal engagements and they offer this service to the public at an affordable price.

While public transportation may be a great resource to Southern California, it does occasionally cause some problems. When there is a public transportation accident, people get seriously hurt and some may even lose their lives. For the people that have been affected by these accidents, a Downey public transportation accident attorney can help them to recover financial compensation for their losses.

Who can file a claim?

The first thing to understand about personal injury law is that certain standards have to be met for the individual to have a legitimate claim. You obviously must have suffered some form of loss and that loss must be in some way connected to a public transportation accident. Further, you do not necessarily need to be a passenger of the public transportation carrier to have a valid claim in a public transportation injury lawsuit. The following are a few examples of people that may have a legitimate claim for a public transportation injury.

  • Passengers of the carrier
  • The occupants of other vehicles
  • Pedestrians that were injured in an accident
  • People that were injured at stations or pick-up areas

What makes these cases different?

A case that involves a public transportation accident can differ in many ways from many of the more common types of personal injury claims. To begin with, public transportation entities are governed by separate rules than other forms of transportation and the specific rules that apply can vary depending on a range of different factors. Is the carrier a government entity or a private business? Does the carrier travel out of state or is it local? Was the accident the cause of operator error or a malfunction in the vehicle itself? The answer to any one of these questions can have a serious impact on how the case is handled and what approach a personal injury lawyer should take in seeking compensation.

When you hire a public transportation accident lawyer, you need a professional that has a strong comprehension of the different laws that may apply and what all of these different factors will mean to the case.

Get a team that you can trust

The team at the Quirk Law Group takes public transportation claims very seriously. We understand that the results of these cases are not only very important for the individuals that have been affected, but also to the safety of every person that uses public transportation. Of course, getting compensation and protecting the rights of our clients is the top priority, but it is also important to make sure that these companies and government agencies are held responsible. Whether it is an injury on the MetroLink, a bus or in a taxicab, our Downey public transportation accident attorneys can help you get justice.