Big Rig Accident Dangers on Madera Rd in Simi Valley CA

Ventura County residents are used to seeing farm trucks, construction trucks, and big rig haulers from local manufacturers on every road. These hardworking truck drivers keep our area growing and thriving, but their large vehicles can turn into dangerous hazards on any street.

Big rigs need more room to slow down and more room to maneuver. A small mistake by a truck driver can place themselves and other motorists at extreme risk of a traumatic injury.

Big Rig Tips Over on Pickup in Simi Valley Sending One Victim To Hospital

A frightening accident in western Simi Valley involving an overturned tractor-trailer sent one person to the hospital Tuesday morning. The Ventura County Star reports the crash occurred at the intersection of the off-ramp of Highway 118 and Madera Road on January 31st, 2023.

The California Highway Patrol responded to the scene sometime after 9:10 a.m. on the north side of the highway. They say that the Valex Trucking Company driver was trying to turn right onto Madera Road from the Highway 118 exit. The truck driver hit a curb, lost control, and tipped over on a white pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup was transported to a local hospital after experiencing pain. The Simi Valley Police Department helped close the intersection for hours to allow clean-up crews to work and to let investigators examine the scene.

Earning Support for Truck Accident Victims in Simi Valley

Truck accident victims must be careful not to say “I’m fine” or “I’m okay” after a serious crash. Victims may not know how badly they are hurt while the shock of what’s happened is masking pain. And insurance companies can twist these early statements to try to reject an injury claim later.

Victims hurt in accidents involving big rigs should receive full support for every hospital bill they receive and for the paychecks they must forfeit while missing work. Patients can also seek full damages for the physical pain they endure and the emotional trauma caused by a violent crash and a difficult recovery.

When an accident is caused by a careless truck driver, more than one insurance company may be forced to provide recovery support. The trucking company the driver works for could also be found liable for a victim’s medical bills and other hardships.

Trucking companies can have their own teams of lawyers that take action to reduce claims when people get hurt. It’s important that victims have their own legal representative to make sure they aren’t robbed of important benefits.

Contact a Ventura County Truck Accident Lawyer

After you or a loved one are the victims of a careless truck driver, don’t trust insurance companies or corporate lawyers to treat you or your family fairly. Discuss your options with a skilled Simi Valley truck accident attorney.

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