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Ventura County residents schedule vaccinations for themselves and their children to gain immunity to many dangerous diseases and infections. Unfortunately, those life-saving inoculations can have unintended effects on the wellbeing of those who take them.

It’s an uncommon outcome, but for people who suffer a bad reaction to a shot or another form of a vaccine, the consequences can be devastating. Tragically, children and adults could even die from their exposure to a harmful substance included in a vaccination.

Fortunately, victims of a vaccine injury can seek support in recovery from a terrible side effect after having a shot. It’s critical that victims seek full financial support for their hardships when trying to heal from an adverse reaction to a vaccination.

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Quirk Injury & Accident Attorneys, APC, stands ready to help you seek compensation and justice after you or a loved one have suffered harm after taking a vaccination. Contact our Ventura County Vaccine Injury Lawyers to schedule a free case consultation and evaluation. It’s a no-risk way for victims and family members to stay informed of the benefits available to them after a health crisis caused by a vaccine.

Vaccination Dangers for Ventura County Patients

Some vaccines are administered when we are children so we can build immunity to certain diseases. Other vaccines are available as we mature, to protect us from certain health threats. Some immunizations require yearly renewal, such as the flu shot.

These safeguards usually work well and keep us out of the hospital, but in some rare cases, patients can have frightening reactions to vaccines. Health issues have arisen with inoculations such as the seasonal influenza shot, the Hepatitis A and B vaccine, Measles, Whooping Cough, and other immunizations. Children who received the Gardasil HPV vaccine may be experiencing a life-threatening complication. Please visit our page on Ventura County Gardasil HPV vaccine injury claims to find out more.

And the bad reactions to these usually safe vaccinations can take many different forms. Some patients may have a dangerous autoimmune response to a shot or spray. They may suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or even Multiple Sclerosis.

Others could suffer what’s known as Bell’s Palsy which affects the nervous system and causes victims to lose control of facial muscles. Victims can suffer a severe allergic reaction to the contents of a certain vaccination.

Victims should seek money from vaccine manufacturers to help with recovery costs. Federal laws also enable local families to seek support after a vaccination injury has claimed the life of a loved one. There are a few ways victims can seek relief. A skilled Ventura County Personal Injury Lawyer helps victims determine the best way to secure the maximum in compensation for what they’ve had to endure.

Filing Lawsuits Against Vaccine Manufacturers

Victims can partner with a strong legal team to file a lawsuit against a vaccine maker to earn support. In some cases, patients may be able to join other victims in a class-action lawsuit against a certain vaccine company.

These legal options are a bit more involved than other options, but they may be a necessary step in securing justice for your family. Quirk Injury and Accident Attorneys, APC, stands ready to present a strong case to a judge and jury. We also make sure our clients receive their fair share of any award granted in a class-action ruling.

Filing Claims Under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Taking a giant pharmaceutical corporation to court can be challenging and victims may have to wait years on a courtroom decision.

To give victims a generally easier and faster option for securing vaccine injury support, the federal government established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). It’s a no-fault program that provides money to immunization injury victims involving vaccinations on an approved list. That list can be found here.

It’s also possible to file a VICP claim for a vaccine that’s not on the officially approved list. Victims of a vaccine not covered would have to show stronger medical proof that vaccination caused them harm to receive VICP support.

A Ventura County Vaccination Injury Lawyer helps victims file VICP claims and makes sure the court has the evidence it needs to free up full support for victims.

How Do Victims Get Paid Under the VICP Program?

The VICP includes a trust fund that all vaccine manufacturers contribute to. Victims and their families access this money by filing a petition with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Lawyers for the government will examine your claim and determine how much in support you should receive. The amount you are awarded for certain damages may be restricted by cap limits.

You’d have to show that your illnesses and symptoms were caused by your vaccinations, but the burden of proof wouldn’t be as high as if you had taken a vaccine manufacturer to court. You could receive some compensation even if you don’t have undeniable evidence that a vaccination caused you or a family member harm.

Eligibility for VICP Benefits for Ventura County Vaccine Injury Victims

Vaccine injury victims and their family members can file for VICP benefits. Victims must provide proof that they received the vaccine. A parent can also file on behalf of a child victim or a disabled family member. Family members of a victim who died before being able to seek justice can file.

Victims suffering from vaccination injuries must have suffered symptoms longer than six months. A claim would also be accepted if the victim’s symptoms had been present for a shorter period but the patient was hospitalized and received surgical intervention.

Compensation for Ventura County Vaccine Injury Victims

These options for earning support are critical for victims of immunization reactions because patients may have a stack of medical bills and no income while they have missed work.

A settlement through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or an award granted by a judge could include money for these and other hardships:

  • Current medical bills and compensation for care expected to be necessary in the years ahead.
  • Support for a vaccine injury victim left with a permanent physical disability.
  • Support for the physical pain and emotional trauma a victim must endure.
  • Reimbursement for the paychecks and benefits a victim loses while unable to perform job duties.
  • Wrongful death benefits for a family that files on behalf of a deceased vaccination injury victim. Leftover medical expenses and past expenses would be paid. The guidance and income the deceased can no longer provide the family could earn additional compensation.
  • Attorney Fees Paid in a VICP claim. Attorney fees are often paid out of any settlement money a victim wins. But in a VICP claim, the victim keeps the entire award and an attorney is paid from the trust fund.

Contact a Ventura County Vaccine Injury Lawyer

Victims are allowed up to three years to file a vaccination injury claim from the first moment they experience a side effect. Families who tragically lose a loved one are given up to two years after the victim passed away or up to four years from when the deceased first experienced symptoms of a vaccination reaction.

You shouldn’t wait years to file your claim because evidence can disappear. You also likely need support to pay your bills as soon as possible.

Contact Quirk Injury & Accident Attorneys, APC, as soon as possible. We’re a highly-regarded Ventura County vaccine injury legal team serving victims in cities like Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Oxnard, and Camarillo.

We want to help you identify the best course of legal action to ensure you receive the largest vaccine injury settlement amount for your recovery. If vaccine manufacturers or government administrators don’t treat you fairly, we a ready and willing to fight your case in court.

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