Whittier Product Liability Attorney

Dangerous and defective products are a real problem for the modern consumer. When products have dangerous defects, their use can lead to anything from property damage to injury and death.

For the people that are affected by the damage that these defective products cause, the impact can be devastating. While it may not always be possible to restore everything that is lost, a Whittier product liability attorney can at least help those who have suffered damages to obtain legal justice and financial compensation.

Defective products that lead to claims

Product liability lawsuits are not as uncommon as many people may believe and injuries can be caused by a wide range of different products. The following list includes some products that could possibly lead to a product liability claim.

  • Automobiles and automobile parts
  • Children’s products like toys and safety seats
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sporting equipment
  • Industrial machinery and tools

Why hire the Quirk Law Group?

When you file a claim for a defective product injury, you need a skilled personal injury lawyer on your side. To build a case for product liability, an attorney needs to establish a variety of specific points to meet the legal standard of the claim. Beyond that, you want an attorney that has experience with this form of litigation because you are very likely to be up against a team of lawyers that has experience defending their clients against product liability lawsuits.

An experienced product liability lawyer will know that you do not just want to build case that demonstrates the necessary elements of the claim, but one that is so strong, that it forces the defense to the negotiating table with the knowledge that have to deal fairly with you and your attorney.

The team of Whittier product liability attorneys at the Quirk Law Group understands the legal concerns that go into defective product claims and we know what it takes to build a rock solid case. If you have suffered damages from a defective product, then you need to act fast. For a personal injury lawyer will provide determined representation for your injury claim, contact the Quirk Law Group.