West Covina Elder Abuse Attorney

Nobody wants any person to be the victim of any kind of abuse, but the harsh reality is that range of different types of people are vulnerable to abuse. One such group that often receives inadequate attention is senior citizens that are being abused, taken advantage of or neglected. It is important that these crimes are reported and that the victims have access to justice. If you suspect that abuse is occurring, you should report it to the authorities and consider contacting a West Covina elder abuse attorney.

Different types of elder abuse

Elder abuse is an umbrella term that actually covers a variety of different violations. In some of the most serious cases of elder abuse, it can endanger the life of the individual. Crimes that fit under the term elder abuse can be everything from physical abuse and financial exploitation to psychological abuse and neglect. To learn more about elder abuse and what you can do to prevent it, access some of the information that is available online from the California Department of Justice.

Financial abuse of a senior

One of the most prevalent forms of elder abuse is financial abuse. This can take on many forms and a wide range of different individuals may commit these offenses. In many cases, the elder individual might not even realize that they are being taken advantage of and the crime could go unreported. This is why it is especially important for those around a vulnerable adult to keep an eye out for these crimes and to report them when they occur. The following are some examples of financial abuse of an elder:

  • Investment scams: These are people claiming to know how to invest money in a foolproof scheme or in some get rich quick idea.
  • Home repair scams: Repairmen that offer to do work for a low price and then do either poor work or possibly nothing at all after they have been paid.
  • Telemarketing and internet fraud: People on the phone or internet that pose as representatives of a legitimate business in an attempt to get personal information from the victim.
  • Predatory lending: Unethical lenders may target seniors for high interest loans that they cannot possibly afford.

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No person deserves to be taken advantage of or abused. The first step in any elder abuse case should be to contact the authorities, but you may need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to get a full measure of justice. For more information about your rights, contact the West Covina elder abuse attorneys at the Quirk Law Group.