Santa Monica Product Liability Attorney

At the Quirk Law Group, our Santa Monica product liability attorneys are committed to helping the victims of dangerous and defective products. We have settled claims for a range of different products and we can help you get compensation for your injuries.

Do you have a claim for defective product injuries?

With a claim for a defective product injury, there are some different points that have to be established for the plaintiff to have a legitimate claim. A personal injury lawyer that specializes in product liability law will offer the best chance for success when it comes to demonstrating the necessary facts and bringing the case to a successful resolution.

  • The claimant suffered injury or loss
  • The product was dangerous or defective
  • The loss or injury of the claimant was caused by the defective product

Does it matter whether you using the product for the intended use?

The short answer to this question is yes, but this is not a straightforward issue in a product liability claim. How the claimant was using the product could affect the claim, but a whole host of factors have to be considered concerning how the product was intended to be used and how the claimant was using it at the time of the injury.

The first point is if the manufacturer made the intended use clear and if they provided adequate instructions to inform the user on how to use the product properly. You can hardly blame the consumer for using a product incorrectly if the intended use is unclear or not properly explained.

Further, even if the plaintiff was using the product for an unintended use, you have to consider whether it was a possibility that the manufacturer should have reasonably expected. Some products have an intended use, but it is commonly known that people will use it for something other than the purpose that it is marketed for. If this is the case, the manufacturer needs to make sure that it is safe for any use that can be reasonably expected.

Why you should contact a product liability lawyer in Santa Monica

While some of the same factors may be relevant in a defective product claim, they are in many ways a separate creature all unto themselves in the world of personal injury law. Having a representative that has experience with this area of law can be a critical factor in whether you are able to collect the full level of compensation that you deserve. If you believe that your injuries are connected to a dangerous or defective product, the Quirk Law Group and their Santa Monica product liability attorneys can help you obtain legal justice.