Aviation Injury Attorney in Santa Monica

Getting on an airplane is not a major risk in and of itself. Millions passengers take flights to destinations all across the globe every day and the vast majority of these flights go off without a hitch. However, aviation injuries do occur and the effects can be devastating for the victims. For the plaintiffs in these claims, adequate representation is an absolute must and the Santa Monica aviation injury attorneys from the Quirk Law Group can help you with your settlement efforts.

Claims of negligence

Many of the claims for aviation accidents will be the result of negligence. Companies that offer air travel services are held to a high standard of care and when they fail to live up to this standard, it can result in injuries and fatalities for those who are onboard. In a case that is based on negligence, you are essentially claiming that the carrier or an employee of the carrier acting in a way that was either careless or lacking in the skill that was necessary to protect passengers from harm.

Product liability law and aviation injuries

If the incident that caused the injury was due to a faulty component or a flaw in the aircraft, the claim may fall under product liability law. This claim could be against the manufacturer of the faulty part or a distributor that supplied the part to the airline. With these claims, a personal injury lawyer will not necessarily need to prove negligence on the part of any individual or entity because the legal theory of strict liability applies to most product liability claims.

How an aviation accident lawyer in Santa Monica can help

Claims for aviation injuries are some of the most complex that any person will encounter. There will be a lot of issues that need to be addressed and a thorough investigation of the facts must be performed. In many cases, it will take the assistance of an expert to determine the cause of the accident and liability for the damages can often fall on multiple defendants. For the best results, claimants should try to hire a personal injury lawyer that has the necessary experience and resources for investigating and building a case for aviation injuries.

The staff at the Quirk Law Group has what it takes to handle aviation accident claims regardless of the size and complexity of the case. We know that in this form of litigation, there is a great deal at stake and our obligation to our clients is our top priority. If you need a Santa Monica aviation injury attorney, then contact us and we can start fighting to get the justice that you deserve.