Truck Accident Attorney in San Diego

You see commercial trucks traveling the roads in and around San Diego all the time, but you may not fully appreciate the danger that these vehicles can pose. One minor mistake by the driver or a failure to maintain the vehicle can be an easy recipe for disaster. These incidents could leave the victims seriously injured or permanently disabled and in the worst cases, a truck accident can cost them their lives.

The consequences of a trucking accident are very serious and when you consider the costs – both financial and personal – the damage that is done can be staggering. While legal justice may not be able to restore everything that the accident has taken from you, it is very likely the only justice available. To get the full level of legal justice that is available, you may need to speak with a San Diego truck accident attorney.

What causes truck accident injuries?

Many of the accidents that occur with large trucks are the result of the actions of the driver. Sometimes these drivers knowingly engage in unsafe practices, but it is very often just a simple mistake. One of the problems with the trucking industry is that the same financial motivations that they have to get their load delivered quickly can also be a motivation for them to operate in an unsafe manner. If a driver is working under a high-pressure schedule, they might speed or drive recklessly, they might drive for longer periods without getting adequate rest and some may drive under the influence of sleep-inhibiting drugs.

While many of the accidents can be attributed to the actions of the driver, some truck accidents may be the fault of the trucking company or another third party. A person or company that is responsible for maintenance and inspection may have failed in their duties, leading to an unsafe vehicle being on the road. Warehouse staff may have improperly loaded or over loaded the cargo area and it is possible that the truck received a defective replacement part.

With so many possible causes and potential defendants, a truck accident case can take a considerable amount of time and resources to investigate. A personal injury lawyer may need to have a reconstruction expert analyze the crash or hire engineering experts to analyze parts. The attorney will also need to acquire records from the trucking company and the different regulatory agencies that oversee commercial trucking. This investigation can be a major undertaking and it could take months to complete.

Personal injury law and truck accidents in San Diego

Even if your claim is completely legitimate and your requests for compensation are reasonable, a trucking company and their insurers are very unlikely to just accept the claim and pay you what you are owed. These are businesses that you are dealing with and the amount that they have to pay out in a settlement can seriously affect their bottom line. With that being the case, the will invest a considerable amount of time and effort to denying your claim or reducing the financial value of the settlement.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you not only deserve compensation for your loss, but you are very likely going to need it. To get this compensation, you are going to need a San Diego truck accident attorney that has what it takes to stand up to those who would try to deny or diminish your claim. At the Quirk Law Group, we have experience with handling these cases and we are ready to stand on your side, every step of the way.