San Diego Broken Bone Injury Attorney

Not all bone fractures are equal and they can occur under a range of different circumstances. When it comes to filing a lawsuit as the result of broken bones, these facts will matter. A San Diego broken bone injury attorney will understand these issues and this knowledge will help to inform your legal team as they proceed with your claim.

Evidence of injury

One of the things that can aid a case for a bone fracture injuries is the fact that you tend to have some of the most clear-cut evidence that the injury exists. When a person suffers a fracture, a doctor is going to order diagnostic imaging to assist in the treatment of the injury. These images are not only vital to the medical decisions that a doctor makes, but they can also be very important legal evidence of the injury. Imaging can also help to show the extent of the injury, how well it has healed and it can provide insight into how the injury will affect the individual in the future.

Valuing the claim

Bone fracture lawsuits may have some of the best evidence of injury, but that does not always mean that you have an obvious value for the claim. To value a claim, you need to do more than just show that an injury occurred; you also need to demonstrate the effects that it will have on the individual and the losses that they suffered as a result. While the evidence may be useful to indicate what these effects may be, much of it is based on the professional opinion of the doctor.

For some losses, like the current medical expenses and lost wages, demonstrating the value of the loss can be simple. Demonstrating some of the other forms of loss might not be quite as straightforward because you do not have things like bills and pay-stubs that clearly illustrate the value of the loss. In many cases, future financial losses have to be considered and this can often be a point of contention between the plaintiff and the defense. Beyond that, the individual may suffer an emotional impact or a diminished quality of life following the injury. It can be very difficult for a claimant to get fair compensation for all of these forms of loss if they do not have representation from a personal injury lawyer.

Broken bone injury claims in San Diego

If you have a claim for bone fracture injuries, then the Quirk Law Group can provide you with a first-rate representation. We have experience with broken bone injuries that resulted from a range of different incidents and our San Diego broken bone injury attorneys know what it takes to get fair compensation.