San Diego Aviation Injury Attorney

An aviation accident can be very traumatic for those who survive and for the family members of victims that may have died during the accident. While these events may be distressing, the actions that you take in the days and weeks following the accident can have serious consequences for any legal measures that you may take in connection with the incident. It is recommended that you contact a San Diego aviation injury attorney before you have any interaction with the airline or their insurers.

What are the common causes of plane crashes?

Plane crashes are relatively rare, but when they do happen, the damage that they cause is usually very serious. When it comes to the cause of an aviation accident, there can be a range of different factors that may have contributed to or directly caused the accident. Determining the cause of the accident is important for a personal injury or wrongful death claim because the facts regarding causation help to determine who is liable and to what degree they are responsible for the damages.

  • Errors on the part of a pilot or other airline employee
  • Defective parts or equipment
  • Design flaws in the aircraft
  • Poor maintenance and repair practices
  • Negligence on the part of FAA employees

Other types of aviation injury claims

Plane crashes are the type of incident that most people will associate with aviation injuries, but there are other types of incidents that may require the assistance of an aviation accident lawyer. Passengers can suffer injuries as the result of in-flight incidents and they may also sustain an injury while waiting to board their plane or during the boarding process. These accidents may not be the result of an air crash, but they still involve the aviation industry and because of that fact, the claimant should seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer that has experience at dealing with airlines and other entities that operate in the industry.

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