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Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC, protects injured car accident victims in Moorpark. Our Moorpark car accident lawyers offer a free case consultation to all victims in Ventura County. Contact our office to schedule a confidential case review as soon as possible. There’s also no obligation to you or your family for this meeting.

Do I Need a Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash in Moorpark?

After a car accident that only results in car damage and/or very minor injuries, you likely won’t need a car accident lawyer to get fair treatment for your accident claim.

But if your accident was caused by a careless driver and resulted in a serious injury like a broken bone or neck and back damage, you could benefit from having a Moorpark car accident lawyer working and safeguarding your case. When an at-fault driver’s car insurance company sees higher hospital bills on the horizon, they begin to work to avoid having to pay you the major settlement you need to recover.

You may also want to go over your case with a local lawyer if you’re being blamed for an accident you didn’t cause. Insurance companies love to shift blame in accidents away from their policyholders. It means they can offer less in compensation or nothing at all. Your car accident lawyer protects you from this unfair treatment and demonstrates who was really to blame.

What Should I Do After a Moorpark Car Accident?

A frightening collision with a careless driver on Los Angeles Avenue or along Highway 23 can leave you in shock and in some real pain. However, the moments after an accident will be the best time to collect evidence that proves who caused it, but only take action if your injuries allow it.

After the scene is secure, collect these details, or ask someone with you to collect this evidence for you:

  • Call 911. Get checked out by paramedics and go to the hospital if necessary. Give Moorpark Police or the California Highway Patrol a full account of what happened so they can create an accurate accident report.
  • Take pictures of everything at the scene. Show the damage to cars, street signs and lane markings. Show any visible injuries you have.
  • Get witness contact information so your Moorpark Car Accident Lawyer can contact them for testimony.
  • Get information from the other driver unless the investigating officer provides it to you.
  • Scan the area for the presence of any security cameras on businesses or nearby homes.
  • Alert your car insurance provider about your accident.
  • Schedule an appointment with your own doctor. Get any new pain that arises the next day checked out. Follow your doctor’s orders.

Compensation Available to Moorpark Car Accident Victims

Your lawyer will fully investigate your case and collect evidence. Once your case is backed by strong evidence, your lawyer files your claim with the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company. That claim will include a full list of the hardships you and your family have endured.

Making sure this list contains every damage is key because anything left off will become a cost that you’d have to pay out-of-pocket.

These and other factors would help determine the size of your car accident settlement check:

  • Current medical bills and estimates on the cost of care expected to be necessary for the future.
  • Lifelong support for permanent disfigurement or disability. This may include long-term support if a victim can’t return to work and no longer has a way to support close family members.
  • Pain and suffering. Car collision victims can end up with chronic pain that can greatly affect their lifestyles. Emotional trauma is also part of “pain and suffering” damages.  Drivers and passengers sometimes cope with debilitating PTSD symptoms after a scary impact. The loss of enjoyment of life after an injury may cause anxiety and depression.
  • Past lost wages and benefits in connection with the attack along with any loss of wages reasonably expected to be suffered in the future.
  • Compensation for car repairs or replacement.
  • Wrongful Death Benefits. When victims are tragically killed in accidents, the families left behind are encouraged to file a wrongful death claim. This claim earns support for close relatives so they can cover funeral costs and pay emergency response fees. Family members, like a spouse or children, earn support as they face a future without the guidance and economic assistance a loved one would have provided.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file a car accident injury claim?

Two years. California allows you two years from the date of the accident to file an injury claim. However, you should act as soon as possible so that evidence doesn’t disappear and witnesses don’t become hard to locate.

Should I talk to the insurance provider of the at-fault driver?

Only provide basic information. Insurance adjusters will call and ask for a recorded statement from you. Politely decline. They are hoping you say something they can twist around later to hurt your case. Refer them to your lawyer.

Will I need to go to court to get compensation after a car accident?

Usually not. Car accidents are settled out of court most of the time. When there’s the threat of a lawsuit, car insurance companies try harder to please victims with settlement offers so they don’t have to deal with the expense of a trial.

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