Product Liability Attorney in Los Angeles

We should be able to trust the products that we buy and for the most part, we can. However, there are many unfortunate consumers who suffer serious injuries as the result of products that are dangerous and defective. The companies that manufacture, distribute and sell products owe it the consumer to make sure that these products are safe. When they fail in this regard, it is only fair that they have to pay for the damage that can be inflicted upon the consumer. If you need justice in one of these claims, contacting a Los Angeles product liability attorney can be the first step in getting compensation.

Types of defective products

There are so many different types of products that can be defective in a way that makes them unreasonably dangerous for use by the consumer. Personal injury lawyers that work in the area of product liability law encounter defects that exist for a range of different reasons and in a surprising range of different products.

  • Automobile and automobile parts
  • Medical device defects
  • Defective drugs
  • Children’s toys and safety devices
  • Recreational equipment
  • Tools and industrial machinery

Who is liable for the damage?

The liability picture in a defective product case can be somewhat complicated. With a defective product, one or many parties may hold some level of liability. The manufacturer or distributor of a product are two of the more obvious parties to hold liable in these claims, but different parties like a retailer, a testing lab or possibly a design firm may also be held responsible. Additionally, a technician or installer that worked on the specific product can be liable for damages.

Determining which parties to hold responsible and to what level they are liable can be very difficult for an attorney that is lacking experience in product liability law. To clarify the liability picture, an attorney will need to perform a thorough investigation of the facts. Questions like the type of defect, how the defect occurred, the exact circumstances of the injury and who may have had prior knowledge of the defect will be important when it comes to assigning liability to one or more parties.

Product liability injury claims

When you have a defective product injury claim, you need a legal team that has what it takes to handle this type of lawsuit. A Los Angeles product liability attorney needs to have the resources and the knowhow to perform a thorough investigation into the facts and they need the determination and the skill to stand up to the strong opposition that is going to come from the defense. The Quirk Law Group is ready to handle your defective product claim and we can take your case as far as it needs to go.