Los Angeles Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

The impact of a spinal cord injury is almost certainly going to be devastating to the victim and their family members. The individual will need to adjust to a new way of life and this will present challenges on both a physical and an emotional level. At the Quirk Law Group, we specialize in providing legal representation for the victims of catastrophic injuries like those that affect the spinal cord.

Compensation for spinal cord injuries in Los Angeles

With a claim for spinal cord injury, there is a lot at stake and having the assistance of a Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorney can make all the difference with your lawsuit. The first thing to consider when it comes to compensation for a spinal cord injury is the practical concerns of the claimant. With a spinal cord injury, the medical and living expenses of the individual can mount quickly. Depending on the severity of the injury, these costs can exceed one million dollars in the first year alone and then possibly into the hundreds of thousands for each year that follows. When you are seeking compensation, these expenses will have to feature prominently throughout the process.

In addition to the practical concerns like lost wages and medical expenses, you also have to consider the impact that the injury has on the life of the individual. The pain and disability that comes with a spinal cord injury will cause most people to suffer extreme emotional distress. Not only that, but you also have to consider how the loss of ability will influence the possibilities for their future life. These losses may be hard for a person to put a dollar value on, but an injured person does deserve compensation for these damages even if their financial value is unclear.

How a Los Angeles spinal cord injury lawyer can help

Since these cases can be complex and you are often dealing with very high dollar amounts, you need to make sure that you are represented by a personal injury lawyer that can handle this sort of litigation. An attorney that knows their way around spinal cord injury litigation will be able to understand the medical and financial issues that will affect the plaintiff and they will know how to demonstrate the many levels and different types of loss that resulted from the injury.

At the Quirk Law Group, we understand the seriousness of the situation and we will expend every effort in our representation of your claim. Our Los Angeles spinal cord injury attorneys have the knowhow, the skill and the determination to get the job done right.