Los Angeles Public Transportation Injury Attorney

Public transportation plays a vital role in the city of Los Angeles. So many of the city’s residents rely on public transportation for a range of different travel needs. With so many people using public transportation, there can be the occasional accident where passengers are injured. With many of these incidents, the carrier does hold some level of liability for the damages and passengers may have a right to compensation.

Finding the facts in a public transportation accident

One of the most important parts of a claim for public transportation injuries is the investigation into the facts. A Los Angeles public transportation injury attorney will need to expend a considerable amount of time to perform a proper investigation and it usually requires an expertise in this area of law to ensure that you are getting the facts right.

Your personal injury lawyer may need to access different types of investigatory tools that may not come into play in other types of claims. One potential source of evidence could be expert testimony to reconstruct the accident or to investigate any potential engineering issues with the design of the vehicle or a component. In some cases, there may be information from data recorders on the vehicle or CCTV cameras that are on or near the vehicle at the time of the accident.

The need for compensation in public transportation accidents

The injuries that result from public transportation accidents can be very serious. A person could suffer anything from multiple fractures and lacerations to serious head trauma and possibly even death. These types of injuries can be very costly to treat and they can leave the victim suffering from a lifetime of pain and disability. If the negligence of a public transportation carrier causes this kind of loss, then they need to pay for the damage.

One issue with getting compensation for public transportation injuries is that you are likely to meet with very strong opposition when it comes time to file a claim. There can be a lot at stake with these claims and the carrier, whether public or private, is going to fight hard to try to keep the settlement figures low.

Get the Quirk Law Group on your side

If you want a legal team that not only understands what is at stake, but also one that will work hard to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve, then the Quirk Law Group has the team for you. Whether your accident was on a bus, a train or on any type of public transportation carrier, we can help you with your claim and we can get results. Contact us today to meet with a Los Angeles public transportation injury attorney.