Los Angeles Aviation Injury Attorney

When you consider the number of flights that take place every day, aviation accidents are a comparatively rare occurrence. However, they do occur and the very nature of an air crash means that the injuries tend to be serious and in many cases, the accident will leave no survivors. At the Quirk Law Group, our Los Angeles aviation injury attorneys specialize in providing legal assistance to the victims of air crash accidents and their families.

Are all aviation injuries the result of an air crash?

While injuries and accidents that involve an air crash tend to get the most attention, they are not the only form aviation injuries that may occur. Every year, passengers are injured during flight or in incidents that occur in the airport. Some of these injuries may not be considered aviation accidents in the strictest sense, but they are still claims where an aviation injury lawyer will be the best option for representation.

Even when a claim does not involve an actual air crash, it is still recommended that you hire a personal injury lawyer with this area of expertise because the incident still involves the aviation industry. That means that many of the same legal issues will apply and an attorney that has experience with and knowledge of the industry will provide the most effective representation for the claim.

Aviation injury claims in Los Angeles

No matter what type of aviation incident caused your loss, you need to make sure that you have adequate representation. This means hiring an attorney that has experience with this type of litigation and knowledge of the industry. Don’t take any chances on a personal injury lawyer that may not have the skills or the resources to handle your claim. Contact the Quirk Law Group to get a Los Angeles aviation injury attorney on your side.