Los Angeles Amusement Park Injury Attorney

When a company runs a property that is open to the public, they have an obligation to ensure that they provide a safe environment for their guests. With an amusement park, not only do they have this obligation, but there are also strict safety regulations that they must follow. Even with these regulations and the knowledge that they have a responsibility to care for the safety of visitors, thousands of people end up hurt in accidents at amusement parks every year.

At the Quirk Law Group, we have experience with premise liability claims and our Los Angeles amusement park injury attorneys can provide representation for those who have been injured at amusement parks.

Injuries that occur on rides

One of the key factors that can make an amusement park injury claim different from other premise liability cases is the fact that many of these injuries occur on rides. With an injury that occurs on an amusement park ride, there could be an element of product liability law and there are very specific rules and regulations that the park must follow to ensure that their rides are safe. Additionally, investigating an incident that occurs on a ride can be very different from investigating injuries that may have occurred at other types of public locations.

When a personal injury lawyer works on a claim for amusement park injury, these factors need to be considered. Your legal team needs to understand the engineering issues that are relevant to the ride, they need access to the experts that will know how to investigate the ride and they need to understand the legal obligations of an amusement park when it comes to protecting the safety of their guests.

Amusement park accidents and personal injury law

With these claims having issues that are unique amongst other personal injury claims, you need to make sure that you hire representation that is properly equipped to understand the issues and how they fit into your claim for compensation.

With the Quirk Law Group and their Los Angeles amusement park injury attorneys, you get a legal team that has a firm grasp on the issues that can affect these cases and we have the skills that are needed to represent you in your injury claim. Contact us today for a personal injury lawyer that knows how to get results in amusement park accident claims.