Product Liability Attorney In Las Vegas

As an American consumer, you have access to a greater range of products than you would anywhere else in the world. With this access to a larger selection of products comes the possibility that some of them will be defective and possibly dangerous. Some of these products may seriously injure the user and in the worst of cases, it could result in death. If you want to make sure that you are getting a fair settlement in a defective product claim, then you should meet with a Las Vegas product liability attorney.

Defective medical devices

A medical device that turns out to be defective can be especially dangerous. People need medical devices for a range of different conditions, but they are generally used to improve or preserve life. When they fail, this can make the initial problem even worse than before they had an interaction with the device. It can cause serious health problems, it can result in the need for corrective surgery and it could even cost the person their life. These are very serious consequences and those who are responsible need to be held to account.

Most claims for defective medical devices fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Defective by design: A medical device can be defective by design. In some case, these devices could be on the market for years before anyone even realizes that the defect exists.
  • Defective manufacturing: Occasionally, a medical device may fail or malfunction as the result of a mistake in the manufacturing process.
  • Improper marketing: These claims refer to the recommended use of a product or the instructions and warnings.

Find a product liability lawyer

Whether the lawsuit is for a defective medical device or any other type of product, these claims require the assistance of a Quirk Law Group to get advice from a Las Vegas product liability attorney.