Las Vegas Public Transportation Injury Attorney

Public transportation plays an important role in almost every US city. Many citizens depend on this affordable means of transport to meet their daily travel needs and it also helps to limit the number of vehicles that overwhelm our busy roads. However, the reality of public transportation accidents cannot be ignored. These accidents can have severe consequences and it is not unusual for them to result in the injury and death of multiple passengers or bystanders.

At the Quirk Law Group, we specialize in representing the interests of those who were injured in public transportation accidents. The fight to get compensation from a carrier can be difficult, but our Las Vegas public transportation injury attorneys know the law and we are ready to lend our services to your claim.

Types of transport

One of the things that can make this area of law rather complex is that you are dealing with many different types of transportation. Additionally, the defendant could be a private business or a government entity. All of these facts matter when it comes to how the law applies to the claim and how to investigate the incident and build the case. The following are a few of the different types of transport that could be involved in a Las Vegas public transportation injury claim.

  • Trains and other rail services
  • Busses
  • Shuttle services from hotels and airports
  • Taxis
  • Limousines

Investigating the claim

Depending on the type of transport and the specific type of accident that occurred, the investigation into a public transportation accident can vary significantly. Of course, some of the investigative techniques and types of evidence will be the same, but an accident with one type of transport may have different forms of evidence that are available than some of the others may. The case can also vary depending on the operating area of the specific vehicle. As an example, there will be some difference between building a claim against a local bus service that only operates within the city limits in comparison to a national carrier that brings visitors in from out of state.

If a personal injury lawyer is going to work one of these claims, they need to be familiar with all of these differences and plan their course of action accordingly.

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