Elder Abuse Attorney in Las Vegas

As people age, there are many issues that they may face. Most of them are normal issues that come with aging and retirement. However, there is a significant portion of the senior population that will experience a problem that no person should have to face and that is abuse and exploitation. Thousands of senior citizens suffer from abuse, exploitation and neglect every year and it often goes unreported.

The problem of elder abuse can damage the lives of victims in so many ways. For people that have been impacted by abuse, there are resources available that can help you to stop the abuse and legal remedies that can provide a vital means of restoring what you have lost. A Las Vegas elder abuse attorney can provide you with information regarding your rights and they can provide professional assistance as you try to recover damages from those who have done you wrong.

Where does elder abuse occur?

One of the most unfortunate facts about elder abuse is that it most commonly occurs in the place where the person lives. This could be the private home that they have lived in for most of their adult life, the home of a family member that has taken them in or a long-term care facility. It’s bad enough that the abuse often occurs at home – a place where any person should have the right to feel safe and secure – but what makes it even worse is the fact that in most situations, the abuser is a family member.

Signs of abuse

People need to be aware of elder abuse and how to identify a situation where a senior may be suffering from abuse, exploitation or neglect. An elderly person may not be able to stand up for his or her own rights and it could be difficult for them to take action on their own. Knowing some of the warning signs can help you to identify the problem and this can be the first step toward putting a stop to the abuse.

  • The elder seems nervous or fearful in their interactions with you or other people
  • They seem withdrawn, depressed or emotionally unstable
  • The caregiver restricts the interactions between the elder and other people
  • Frequent or unexplained injuries
  • Marks that indicate restraint
  • The appearance of being malnourished or in poor health
  • Arguments and tension between the elder and their caregiver
  • Living conditions that are dirty or poorly kept
  • A lack of hygiene and basic care
  • Untreated medical issues
  • Losses of property or money
  • A sudden change in their financial condition or significant and unexplained withdrawal of funds

Contact a qualified attorney in Las Vegas

In the most extreme cases, providing assistance may mean calling the police or an ambulance. However, there are many cases of elder abuse that are not so urgent as to put the individual’s life or wellbeing at immediate risk. If the situation does not pose an imminent threat, then you can report the crime to Adult Protective Services. Beyond the step of reporting and stopping the abuse, you can seek the assistance of a Las Vegas elder abuse attorney.

At the Quirk Law Group, we take elder abuse claims very seriously. We will take every measure to assist our clients in their attempts to get justice and to make sure that those who are responsible are held to account. If you need help with an elder abuse claim, contact our offices to arrange