Elder Abuse Attorney in Inglewood

Have you been the victim of elder abuse? Are you aware of a friend, neighbor or family member that is being abused? An Inglewood elder abuse attorney can help the victims of abuse achieve justice and collect compensation for the losses that may be connected to elder abuse.

What is elder abuse?

If you are going to prevent or seek justice for elder abuse, then you need to know more about what it is. Elder abuse can take on many forms that include violent offenses, neglect, financial exploitation, abandonment, unlawful confinement and psychological abuse. When you are talking about elder abuse, typically you are referring to crimes that affect people beyond the age of 65, but the same laws do apply to any dependent adult whether they are a senior citizen or not.

The need for an elder abuse lawyer in Inglewood

The crimes that are covered under elder abuse laws can be very damaging to the victims and their family members. They can result in financial loss, physical injury, psychological damage and damage to the health and wellbeing of the individual. A personal injury lawyer will be able to help these victims with elder abuse litigation and claims for compensation related to these losses.

If you need the representation of an Inglewood elder abuse attorney, contact the Quirk Law Group to schedule a consultation. Our law offices are dedicated to getting justice for these victims and we will not rest until you have seen a fair resolution to your claim.