Amusement Park Injury Attorney in Inglewood

Nobody thinks that a trip to an amusement park is going to result in a lifetime of pain and disability, but it does happen. The Quirk Law Group has experienced Inglewood amusement park injury attorneys that are ready to provide representation for these claims.

Grounds for an amusement park injury claim

The first and most obvious elements for an amusement park injury claim are that you were injured at an amusement park and that the injuries caused you loss. Beyond that, a personal injury lawyer will also need to demonstrate that a specific person or entity was responsible for the injury. Here are a few of the possible factors that can help to show that a park or a business associated with the park is liable for the damages in an amusement park injury claim:

  • Inadequate training of amusement park staff
  • Staff members operating the ride in an improper fashion
  • A lack of ride maintenance
  • Failure to post warnings about ride dangers
  • Posting signs that do not adequately express the dangers
  • Failing to provide adequate instruction to guests
  • Rides that are faulty or defective by design

Is there an assumption of risk?

The defense may make a claim that the plaintiff assumed the risk of injury when they entered the park or chose to ride a specific attraction. In some cases, this may work to reduce or eliminate the liability of the park, but it only covers against risks that can be reasonably expected upon entering the park or going on the specific ride and the park has to take measures to make their guests aware of the risks that they could be exposed to.

As an example, a specific ride may be particularly dangerous to people with a heart condition. If this is true of an attraction, the park’s owner is supposed to be aware of this fact and they are required to take reasonable precautions like posting warning signs to alert their guests to the potential risks. If the park has taken the necessary steps to warn riders and a person with a heart condition goes on the ride with full knowledge of the danger, they have in essence accepted the risk.

While assumption of risk may be a common defense in these claims, it is a somewhat complex issue and it is by no means a foolproof way for a park to avoid liability. A skilled amusement park injury lawyer will understand whether this defense is being used legitimately or whether the park is trying to misapply this principle in order to avoid paying the full level of compensation that is owed.

Hire the Quirk Law Group for amusement park injury claims in Inglewood

This is an injury claim of a very specific nature and it requires representation from a specific type of attorney. Depending on the circumstances of the injury and the cause, these claims could have a lot of different working parts that all have to fit together in a coherent case. We have a team of Inglewood amusement park injury attorneys that know these claims and how to handle the many issues that may arise. If you were the victim of an amusement park accident, contact the Quirk Law Group for a consultation.