Hollywood Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

An injury to the spinal cord is one of the most serious types of injuries that a person can suffer. They often leave the individual with permanent disabilities that require special medical attention and the need for expensive health care services. Even in the cases where a spinal cord injury does not result in permanent disability, the medical costs can be immense and the recovery process is usually time – consuming and painful.

The Hollywood spinal cord injury lawyers at the Quirk Law Group are ready to help any individual that has had their life affected by such an injury. We understand the serious nature of these cases and we know that you not only deserve compensation for your loss, but that you are going to need compensation to help you afford all of the care that will be necessary.

About spinal cord injuries

Going by the statistics, at least a few people suffer a spinal cord injury every day. It is estimated that about 12,000 new cases occur every year in the United States and this does not even count those who died as the result of their injury. Spinal cord injuries can occur in a range of different ways, but some activities are more commonly associated with spinal cord injury than others are.

  • Automobile accidents account for almost 40% of all spinal cord injuries
  • Slips and falls account for about 28% of all spinal cord injuries
  • Violence accounts for almost 15% of all spinal cord injuries
  • Sporting injuries account for about 8% of all spinal cord injuries

How an attorney can help

While any personal injury claim is serious, claims that involve spinal cord injury need special care from an attorney that understands the implications of the injuries. With these cases, you are not just recovering your current medical expenses and the income that you lost while you couldn’t work for a few months. The victim of a spinal cord injury is very likely to need a lifetime of medical treatment and they may never be able to return to their former earning capacity and that is if they can return to work at all.

A personal injury lawyer that has experience with spinal cord injury lawsuits will know how to build this case and demonstrate the value of not only what you have lost so far, but what you stand to lose in the future. Having a skilled attorney on your side is of the highest importance because, with these cases, the amount of financial compensation that you receive will have a direct impact on your quality of life and your ability to afford the care that you will need.

At the Quirk Law Group, we know how serious spinal cord injuries are and it is our mission to ensure that our clients get fair compensation for their injuries. If you need a spinal cord injury attorney in Hollywood, contact us now for more information about how we can help and to arrange for a consultation.