Hollywood Product Liability Attorney

Thousands of Americans are injured every year as the result of dangerous or defective products. When a manufacturer or distributer puts a dangerous product on the market, consumers need to be able to hold them accountable for the damage that they cause. At the Quirk Law Group, our Hollywood product liability and defective products lawyers know how to work these cases and we can get you the compensation that you are owed.

Product liability and auto defects

Some of the most common products that cause injury as the result of a defect are automobiles and auto parts. In some situations, a defective vehicle or part may cause an accident or it could lead to accident injuries being worse than they would have been if the part had worked as intended. As an example, if you are in an accident and the seatbelt does not perform well, it could make for injuries that are much worse than if the part had done its job.

Whether an auto defect caused the accident or simply added to the injuries in an accident, you will need a personal injury lawyer that has experience with product liability litigation.

What makes for a defective car or car part?

Generally, there are two ways in which a defective automobile or part ends up on the market. In some situations, there is a flaw in the design that makes the part or automobile dangerous and defective and in others, the defect comes from a mistake or flaw in the manufacturing process. In many cases, some of the defendants actually know that the defect exists, but they do nothing to remedy the situation because they don’t want to spend the money to fix or replace the parts.

What can make product liability/defective product claims different?

Cases that involve product liability law are different from most other personal injury claims. To start, there is the potential for multiple defendants in these cases, with everyone from the manufacturer to the seller being potentially liable. Further, the standards of proof are different with product liability claims. In most personal injury cases, the plaintiff needs to prove some level of negligence on the part of the defendant. While showing that defendant was negligent is still helpful, that isn’t always necessary with a defective products claim.

If you need a product liability lawyer in Hollywood with the resources and the knowhow to win these cases, contact the Quirk Law Group today. We can take your case and demonstrate the many elements that go into a successful product liability claim and we can help you to recover damages for your injuries.