Downey Product Liability Attorney

Injuries and fatalities that result from defective products are much more common than you may think. Whether it is a defective automobile, a poorly designed medical device or a piece of sporting equipment that lacks adequate warnings, people can sustain very serious injuries when these products are defective.

The most unfortunate part of these stories is that in many cases, the manufacturer or distributer could have done something to avert the danger before people were hurt. While there may be no way to go back and undo the damage, you can seek compensation from those responsible for the injuries and a Downey product liability attorney will be uniquely qualified to help you through the legal process.

Design defects

Even when a product is made exactly to the design, it can still be defective and dangerous. The design of a product could be inherently unsafe and in ways that most consumers will not realize. This could be something like a tire that does not perform well under reasonable driving conditions or a children’s product that is made from a material that could be hazardous if the child puts it in their mouth.

Not all products that have some danger to their design are defective in a way that will make the manufacturer liable. When you purchase certain products, you realize that its use has some level of inherent danger. If the injury was something that could have been reasonably expected through the use of the product, from a legal standpoint, the individual accepted the potential for risk when they decided to use the product.

Manufacturing defects

With some products, the danger comes from a flaw or mistake in the manufacturing process. This could potentially happen with any product that is on the market. In some cases, the manufacturing defect only affects one item, but there are many cases where a flaw in the process affects a multitude of the same item before the manufacturer catches it.

Failure to warn or properly instruct

Inadequate warnings or instructions for a product can also be a reason for a product liability claim. Many products do have some danger to them, but the consumer is supposed to be provided with instructions on how to properly use the product and warnings that bring dangers to the attention of the user.

As an example, if you were to use a steam cleaner for your carpets, there might be a warning sticker near the heating element. Since many of the product’s users would not be able to identify the heating element, the manufacturer has to make sure that it is clearly marked so a person would know that it might be hot if the machine was just in use.

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