Downey Elder Abuse Attorney

Many Americans do not realize the scope of the elder abuse problem that exists in our country. Thousands of senior citizens endure a variety of different forms of abuse and they can all be damaging in their own ways. In many cases, the victim is reluctant to come forward and it often takes the courage of a friend, family member or neighbor to intervene.

When a dependent adult is abused, neglected or exploited by another person, we as a society should do our best to make sure that justice is done. For some of these victims, having a Downey elder abuse attorney on their side could make all the difference in their search for compensation.

Physical and emotional abuse

The term elder abuse covers a range of different crimes. Some of the most damaging types of abuse will include the many different ways in which a person could be physically abused. It could be a physical or sexual assault, unlawfully restraining the individual, denying them adequate food and water or using drugs as way to control the elder individual.

Physical abuse and emotional abuse are two separate things, but where one of these forms of abuse is found, the other is often an additional element of the abusive situation. Emotional abuse can be a little more subtle and somewhat difficult to spot. Different forms of emotional abuse can include the intentional isolation of the individual, verbal assaults and intimidation, confinement and using fear as a means of control.

Financial abuse

Financial elder abuse may not have the same physical impact as an assault or the confinement that comes with other forms of elder abuse, but it can have a serious psychological effect on the individual and the resulting financial hardship can be devastating. This could be anything from a person literally taking money out of the person’s wallet to a person tricking them into turning over financial assets.

The sad fact about financial elder abuse is that it regularly goes unidentified and as a result, it goes unreported. In many cases, the victim may be unaware of the financial abuse. However, there are many situations where the crimes goes unreported because the victim is either too proud to come forward and reveal that they have been taken advantage of, or the offender may be a family member that the victim wants to protect from any potential legal troubles that may result when they come forward.

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