Aviation Accident Attorney in Downey

For the most part, flying is one of the safest ways that you can travel. Nevertheless, aviation injuries do occur and in many instances, the damage could have been prevented. The Downey aviation accident attorneys at the Quirk Law Group specialize in handling cases that involve aviation injuries and we can help you through this complex form of litigation.

Aviation injury claims

When most people think about an aviation injury attorney, they are most likely to think of an airplane accident or a helicopter crash. While these are very important types of claims that a personal injury lawyer may handle, the skills and knowledge of these professionals are not exclusive to crashes. An aviation accident attorney would certainly be the best choice of representation for an injury or death that was the result of an air crash, but these legal professionals will also provide the best representation for claims that involve things like in-flight injuries and incidents that occur in the airport or while boarding an aircraft.

In-flight injuries

Some of the most common types of aviation injuries are those that passengers suffer during an otherwise uneventful flight. Every year, thousands of airline passengers will sustain some form of injury during an in-flight incident. The injury could be the result of falling luggage, an impact from one of the rolling food carts or an obstruction that causes the passenger to fall on their way to or from the lavatory.

An additional cause of in-flight injury can be turbulence, but not all turbulence related injuries will be grounds for a legitimate aviation injury claim. Turbulence is a natural event that airline passengers should expect during a flight. Injury claims that result from turbulence will typically only work in situations where the flight crew either knew or should have known that there would be turbulence and failed to take the proper precautions to protect the passengers from harm.

Hire an aviation injury attorney

Whether it is a claim for an actual crash or an incident that happened during flight, the value of an attorney that has experience at dealing with airlines and other entities in the aviation industry cannot be overstated. If you or someone that you know was injured in any type aviation incident, then the Quirk Law Group has the Downey aviation accident attorney for your case.