Compton Truck Accident Attorney

Traffic accidents that involve tractor-trailers can be some of the most damaging incidents that occur on the roadway. In these accidents, the occupants of the other vehicles may suffer permanent injuries and there is an increased likelihood of fatality. If you believe that negligence on the part of the operator or the trucking company contributed to the cause of an accident that you were in, then you will need to speak with a Compton truck accident attorney.

Common causes of truck accidents

When it comes to accidents with commercial trucks, there are many different potential causes and contributing factors. While there may be a range of different potential causes and not all of them are grounds for a lawsuit, the statistics indicate that there are three major causes that lead to more trucking accidents than any others do. Those three common causes are driver fatigue, poor maintenance practices and distracted driving.

Driver fatigue

The problem of driver fatigue is one of the most troubling in regard to trucking accidents. Truck drivers are often pushed to work more hours than they should and to meet very difficult deadlines. This leads to a situation where you have more drivers that are not getting enough rest and in turn, it impacts their ability to operate the truck in a safe manner. There are regulations that limit the amount of time that a driver can be behind the wheel before they take a rest and for how long they have to rest before they can get back behind the wheel, but many drivers and trucking companies try to play it loose with the rules when they are under pressure.

Poor or inadequate maintenance

Any motor vehicle is going to become less safe if it receives poor or inadequate maintenance. With a large commercial truck, this problem is magnified because of the size of the vehicle and the fact that it takes more skill to control even when the truck is in perfect condition. While there are set standards for the maintenance and inspection of tractor-trailers, there are instances where companies try to save money by cutting on the necessary maintenance.

Distracted driving

This is actually one of the most common causes of traffic accidents in both passenger vehicles and commercial trucks. As a driver becomes more comfortable behind the wheel, they begin to feel as though they can manage additional tasks as they are driving. Due to the pressure of the job, many truck drivers feel the need to take care of other tasks while they are operating the vehicle. This could include actions like talking on the phone, eating a meal or reviewing paperwork that is associated with the cargo.

How a truck accident lawyer can help

If you have been injured in an accident that involved a tractor-trailer, chances are that the litigation will be more complicated than if the accident was with another passenger vehicle. These cases will have many of the same issues as a car accident, but there are many additional factors that will determine how a personal injury lawyer is to handle the case. To ensure that you have adequate representation for this type of injury claim, contact a Compton truck accident attorney like those from the Quirk Law Group.