Compton Elder Abuse Attorney

When an elderly person finds that age has left them either partially or completely dependent, they should be able to trust those around them to do the right thing. Unfortunately, some people see this vulnerability and view it as an opportunity to exploit or abuse the elderly individual. Elder abuse is an offense that we should all take seriously and we need to do our very best to prevent it from happening.

While our intentions to stop it may be genuine, the sad fact of the matter is that no matter how much we pull together as a society to prevent and fight against elder abuse, it is something that we will never be able to completely eradicate. Nevertheless, we can seek justice when it does occur and a Compton elder abuse attorney is one type of professional that specializes in seeking compensation for the harm that is done to these victims.

Neglect as elder abuse

When neglect rises to a level where it is a danger to the elder’s health or safety, it is a form of abuse. Some elderly people may suffer from a level of physical or mental disability and have the need for assistance in their daily life. When those who are entrusted with these duties either refuse or fail to provide them, that is abuse and it is a crime.

Financial elder abuse

Financial exploitation is one of the most common forms of elder abuse. It can come in many forms and it can result in psychological trauma in addition to the financial hardship. Financial and material exploitation can cover everything from a person physically taking money or possessions from the elderly person to more elaborate forms of financial fraud like a telemarketing scam or a shady investment deal.

Physical abuse

While all forms of elder abuse are serious matters, this form tends to be one of the most troubling. A caretaker may take advantage of the somewhat isolated situation that they have the victim in to inflict all kinds of physical abuse. In nursing homes, this could be the act of an employee of the home or it could be another resident that is abusing the elderly individual. In many cases, physical abuse is used as a means of control over the elderly person and different forms of psychological abuse often accompany the physical abuse.

What should you do?

If you or a person that you know is the victim of elder abuse, you need to act in order to prevent further abuse from occurring. If you believe that the situation poses a significant immediate risk to the health or safety of the individual, then you need to contact the police right away. Depending on your specific concerns, there are resources and information that can be accessed through Adult Protective Services and the California Department of Justice.

Along with seeking criminal justice, you may also want to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer that can help you to obtain damages for any losses in connection with the abuse. Look for an attorney that has experience with elder abuse cases and understands the complex issues that may be involved.

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The team at the Quirk Law Group has experience with a range of different elder abuse cases. We understand the laws that apply to these claims and we know how to get results. Our Compton elder abuse attorneys are ready to fight on your side as you seek justice.