Bone Fracture Attorney in Beverly Hills

Bone fractures are some of the most common injuries that any human can face. That is because we have a lot of bones and there is a range of different circumstances that can cause them to break. The severity of a broken bone can vary depending on the situation in which it was broken and the specific bone that was injured. While some fractures heal rather quickly and have little impact on the life of the individual, there are many situations where a fracture not only causes a great deal of pain, but also can be the cause of long-term disability.

Broken bones are injuries that require medical attention and regardless of the severity of the injury, treatment can be costly. Along with that, you may be unable to work for a period and this will have an impact on your income. When these injuries occur as the result of another person’s negligence, you have the right to hire a Beverly Hills broken bone lawyer to assist you with your attempts to recover damages.

What you should know about bone injuries

With a case that involves a broken bone or multiple fractures, the easy part is proving that you were injured. You are going to have medical records and documentation like x-rays that are pretty hard to argue against. However, you still need to show that you were injured because of the defendant’s negligence or intent and you need to demonstrate the types of loss that you suffered and their value. That is why, even though a broken bone is a fairly straightforward injury to prove, you might still need to hire a personal injury lawyer to get fair compensation for your injuries.

Along with that, there could be additional points that may be less straightforward. In many cases, a bone fracture can cause less obvious injuries to the surrounding soft-tissue or it could be evident by the extent of the injury that you are going to need treatment in the future. The defense may also claim that certain forms of treatment that you received were unnecessary and therefore, not their obligation to pay for. The injury may also result in non-economic losses, like pain and suffering or the loss of enjoyment. These are all things that it could be hard to get compensation for if you do not have an attorney on your side.

Broken bone injury claims

Depending on the circumstances and the extent of the injuries, personal injury claims that involve broken bones can be very complex. You may think that you are getting a fair deal when an insurer offers to settle the claim, only to find that your losses are continuing to mount as the following months go by. That is why a claimant should talk to a bone fracture attorney before they accept any offers for compensation. An experienced lawyer will know what to look for in the offer and have the experience to accurately value the claim and determine whether you are getting a fair deal.

What we can do

For a Beverly Hills broken bone lawyer that is ready to protect your interests and make sure that you are getting a fair shake, contact the Quirk Law Group. We have experience with bone fracture injury lawsuits of all levels of severity and we have the will and the knowledge to successfully resolve your claim.