Beverly Hills Aviation Accident Attorney

While airplanes provide one of the safest ways to travel, accidents do occur from time to time. The circumstances of an aviation accident often result in death and if a person is fortunate enough to survive the accident, those involved are very likely to suffer very serious injuries. If you or one of your loved ones has been injured in an airplane or helicopter accident, it is recommended that you contact a Beverly Hills aviation accident lawyer for assistance with any legal proceedings that may follow.

Aviation Accidents

An aviation accident can be anything from an event that happens on a large commercial airline to incidents involving smaller crafts like private jets and helicopters. Regardless of the type of aircraft and the purpose of the flight, aviation is well regulated and there are strict standards that dictate the practices of individuals and businesses that operate aircraft. To have the best chance of resolving a case that is related to an aviation accident, the plaintiff will need to hire a personal injury lawyer that is well versed in these regulations.

California Law & Aviation Accidents

For aviation accidents and the lawsuits that stem from them, two government agencies will be important. The FAA and the NTSB both play critical roles in regulating air travel and investigating aviation accidents. Your aviation accident attorney will not only need to understand California’s laws concerning personal injury law, but they will also need to understand the regulations that these agencies enforce and how they handle their investigatory roles.

Aviation Accident Investigations

An aviation accident may require a difficult and complex investigation. Much of the necessary information might be obtainable through the government agencies that investigate the incident, but there may also be the need for an independent inquiry. Aviation accidents are often the result of many causes coming together to make for a bad situation. This could mean that some level of fault belongs to multiple defendants and it requires experience and knowledge of the industry to make this determination and to figure out how much blame to assign to the different defendants.

Finding Help with an Attorney

While most people never experience an aviation accident, they do happen and the effects can be devastating. The Beverly Hills aviation accident attorneys at the Quirk Law Group care about your rights as a victim in these cases and we will help you through the legal process. Contact us today for more information about your legal rights in the aftermath of an aviation accident.