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Personal Injury in Beverly Hills, California

Nestled between Los Angeles and West Hollywood, Beverly Hills is a popular place to live in sunny Southern California. While life in the Los Angeles area can be exciting and rewarding, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re driving on the I-10 and a car accident happens, or you’re shopping in Santa Monica when a pedestrian accident causes serious injuries, you should always talk to an experienced Beverly Hills personal injury attorney. At Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC, we know that accidents and personal injuries can happen unexpectedly and without warning. When another person behaves negligently and you suffer an injury, you shouldn’t have to pay the price. Contact us today to learn more about how we provide thoughtful representation to each of our Beverly Hills clients.

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is a broad term that allows people who get hurt to file a claim for compensation. Just as there are many different types of accidents in Beverly Hills, many causes of action exist for filing a personal injury claim. Personal injury cases can involve bodily injuries, as well as psychological and emotional injuries. Whether you’ve been injured because of another person’s negligence or someone else’s intentional bad actions, you may be able to file a lawsuit. In short, when you suffer an injury that wasn’t your fault, you should contact a Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer to learn more about seeking compensation.

Types of Personal Injury Claims in Beverly Hills

We never expect accidents to happen, and many of us don’t know what to do when we get hurt. If you’ve sustained a personal injury that was caused by another person, a Beverly Hills injury lawyer can help you to consider your options. At Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC, we have experience handling many different kinds of personal injury claims, including but not limited to the following:

  • Car accidents: whether you’re stuck in traffic on Santa Monica Boulevard or driving home from work on the I-10, car accidents can result in serious and fatal injuries. In many cases, another driver’s negligence is to blame. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 2,600 fatal accidents occurred in California in 2012 alone.
  • Motorcycle accidents: given that many motorcycle collisions also involve larger vehicles, motorcycle riders can be at a particularly high risk of severe or fatal injuries.
  • Bicycle accidents: while many children and adults enjoy riding bicycles in Beverly Hills, a deadly collision with an automobile can happen without warning.
  • Pedestrian accidents: the California Office of Traffic Safety recently reported a rise in pedestrian accident fatalities in California. While we often think more about driving than walking in the Los Angeles area, it’s important to know that you can seek compensation if you’ve been hurt in a collision.
  • Dog bites: the Los Angeles area is known for having more dog bite incidents than other regions of the country, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that about 5 million people sustain dog bite injuries every year. Dog bite injuries can require significant medical attention and often lead to costly medical bills.
  • Premises liability claims: if you sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident or suffered another kind of injury while on someone else’s property, you may be able to file a claim for compensation.
  • Wrongful death: when a loved one dies because of someone else’s negligence or intentional act, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Wrongful death law is related to personal injury law in that it allows a deceased person’s loved ones to file a claim for injuries in their place. California law requires that you file a wrongful death suit within two years, so don’t hesitate to contact a Beverly Hills wrongful death lawyer.

Contact a Dedicated Beverly Hills Personal Injury Attorney

Sustaining a personal injury can be a traumatic and life-altering experience. If someone else caused your injuries, you shouldn’t have to suffer the financial repercussions. Contact a dedicated Beverly Hills personal injury lawyer at Quirk Accident & Injury Attorneys, APC today.