Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Bakersfield

Brain injuries are very common and they can be sustained in many different ways. Along with there being many different ways that a brain injury can occur, there is also a range of different effects that the injury may have on the individual. If you are living with a brain injury that was the result of negligence, then you may have the right to collect compensation for the damages. For assistance with your claim, you may want to speak with a Bakersfield traumatic brain injury attorney like the ones from the Quirk Law Group.

Signs of severe brain injury

In many cases, it does not take much to cause a brain injury. A quick bump or jolt to the head can have serious implications that may not be readily apparent. It is not uncommon for a person to suffer a brain injury, think they are fine and then start noticing signs of trouble a few days later. This delay in treatment can make the injury even worse and it can complicate the treatment process. People need to be aware of the signs that can indicate brain injury in order to protect themselves against the additional harm that can come from delayed treatment.

  • Persistent and severe headaches
  • Feeling confused and disoriented
  • Nausea
  • Impaired memory
  • Dizziness and impaired balance
  • Feeling tired and lethargic
  • Numbness on one half of the body
  • Muscle weakness and impaired motor skills

Brain injury lawyers

If you need representation for a traumatic brain injury claim, then you need a personal injury lawyer that understands the issues relating to brain injury. Your legal team needs to demonstrate the injury and the full level of how it will affect your life. A better understanding of traumatic brain injury will inform your attorney on issues regarding your medical records and it will help them to determine the proper value of the claim.

If you want a Bakersfield traumatic brain injury attorney that is committed to the helping those who have been injured, then you need to call the Quirk Law Group. We work tirelessly in the representation of our clients and our team will take every effort as we fight to get you fair compensation.