Broken Bone Injury Attorney in Bakersfield

Broken bones may be a common form of injury, but that in no way means that they are not serious or that they do not have a significant effect on the life of the injured person. Depending on the injury, the person could suffer a lifetime of pain and disability. When these injuries are the fault of another person, you have the right to seek financial compensation and the personal injury lawyers from the Quirk Law Group are ready to help you with your claim.

Bone fractures and car accidents

Claims that result from traffic accidents are some of the most common cases that a Bakersfield bone fracture injury attorney will handle. Automobile accidents are one of the most common causes of severe and debilitating bone fractures. In car accidents, bones can be quite literally crushed, broken into many pieces and possibly broken in ways that could be beyond repair.

The reason for there being such severe outcomes is due to the forces that come into play during a collision. As resilient as the human body can be at times, the sheer mass of a motor vehicle and the speed of the collision can easily push a bone past the breaking point. A person that suffers a severe fracture like the ones that are possible in a car accident will need extensive treatment that can cost far beyond the means of the average person.

Fair compensation for broken bones

As with any type of personal injury claim, what is fair compensation for one broken bone injury is not necessarily fair for another. A variety of different factors go into evaluating a claim and assigning it a fair value. The extent of the injury and the level to which it will result in disability are key questions that need to be answered. Your attorney will also need to consider the cost of medical treatment and whether your prognosis indicates a need for additional treatment in the future. If the injury caused any level of impairment, then your lost wages will also need to be accounted for.

Broken bones and personal injury law

The Quirk Law Group has an extensive history of representing clients in personal injury claims. We know how to provide effective representation for claims that involve broken bones and we will put every effort into getting you highest level of compensation possible. Get in touch with us on the phone or through our website to get the advice of a Bakersfield broken bone injury attorney.